The Washington Aerospace Partnership

is a collaboration of business, labor and government leaders working together to ensure Washington State continues to be a thriving global leader in aerospace excellence. In January 2017, the WAP joined forces with the Aerospace Futures Alliance of Washington. Follow our progress here:

Current Priorities

Since 2009, the Washington Aerospace Partnership has been working to protect and grow the aerospace industry in Washington. Now with the future of commercial airplane production in the state secure for decades to come, we are turning our focus to support emerging segments of the industry, such as commercial space exploration, unmanned systems and aviation biofuels. At the same time, we will reflect on the incredible benefits The Boeing Company has brought to our communities over the past 100 years by coordinating a statewide celebration of the company’s centennial.

Success Stories

In recent years, the Washington Aerospace Partnership has been instrumental in ensuring the future of commercial airplane production in Washington State. We worked at the grass roots level to help Boeing secure the US Air Force’s aerial refueling tanker contract. We helped make the case why the 737 MAX and the 777X, as well as its revolutionary carbon-fiber wings, must be produced in Washington.

Boeing Centennial Events

  • Happy birthday, Boeing -- you'll always be a Seattle company to us.

    — Seattle Times Editorial Board

  • Today, Boeing touches virtually every person in our state. Chances are that you have a family member, friend or neighbor who works for the company. That’s because Boeing is the state’s largest private employer, with more than 75,000 employees. Or perhaps you know someone who works at one of the thousands of local suppliers that support the company’s operations. In all, more than 267,000 jobs in Washington, paying a whopping $22 billion in annual wages, depend on the vibrant aerospace industry that has grown up around Boeing.

    — Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, and Jon Fine, CEO of United Way of King County

  • We have secured thousands of aerospace jobs with the commitment from The Boeing Company to build its next generation jetliner (the 777X) here, in Washington State, by the best workers in the world. This new airplane holds tremendous promise for us. Building it here means Boeing will continue to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand and improve its facilities and employ tens of thousands of people in our state for decades to come.

    — Governor Jay Inslee

  • The prosperity we are experiencing now has been because of the foundation Boeing has laid over its history. William Boeing’s decision to put his airplane factory in our region might be the single most important decision to impact our region in the last 100 years.

    — Alex Pietsch, Washington Aerospace Partnership

  • Not only is this about maintaining the thousands of jobs who are already working on the 777 program in Everett and in the supply chain spread out across the state, designing and assembling the next generation of Boeing's twin-aisle, twin-engine workhorse in Washington will mean that our engineers and machinists are on the cutting edge of the commercial aviation industry for decades to come.

    — Bob Drewel, Washington Aerospace Partnership

  • Puget Sound is really emerging as a hub for space entrepreneurs and new technologies.

    — Rob Meyerson, President, Blue Origin

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